Youth of Nation,Karnataka,Bangalore

Youth Icon, Manoj Kudtharkar feels, youth is the future of India  & as well as Karnataka. they have a huge role to take on especially in politics. At Present situation in our state most of the leaders are corrupted due to this the common people has been facing a lot of problem & none of our leaders are not sorting out their problems.  unless youth of Bangalore  gets involved in politics, the Karnataka may not progress. So to get the progress of the our state youth of Karnataka should involve in politics. Manoj Kudtharkar also feels, at present most people in politics are either for money or their own respect, but this scenario need to be change, as the youth of today want to change the future of India & make our country a better place to live, therefore youth of Karnataka, India have a great role to play in politics.

Youth of Karnataka, Youth Icon – Manoj P Kudtharkar

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